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Voices Who Have

Find inspiration in the stories of those who have embarked on their own speaking journey.

Kelli Fontana Vogelgesang, Designer

"I was launching my new tile line in partnership with The Tile Shop and they asked me to speak about the line on an upcoming panel. It was my first time doing any kind of speaking event so I worked with Stephanie and I know her preparation and support completely helped.

I was nervous before the presentation but quickly remembered what I'd learned from Stephanie and my anxiety subsided. I was present, confident and comfortable. I know that my presentation went better than I could have imagined because of my work with Stephanie."


Eryn Lalonde, MHA, Project Manager

I met Stephanie Butler over a year and a half  ago during my preparation for the Miss Florida pageant. I needed someone who could enhance my interview skills for both the pageant and my professional career. Stephanie exceeded expectations, transitioning from a coach to a mentor, thanks to her dedication to my growth.

When I recently faced an interview pivotal to my career in healthcare administration, the skills instilled in me by Stephanie were instrumental. Her mix of professional insights and moral support equipped me to articulate my points effectively, resulting in my successful job placement. This achievement speaks volumes about Stephanie’s quality coaching.


Sylvia, Owner of Silvie Hair Studio

"I built a leadership academy to help other passionate and ambitious hair stylists take their career to the next level. But I knew that in order to teach others, I needed to make sure that my team and I felt comfortable presenting in front of an audience. 

So I brought Stephanie in for a group session and it went perfect! She covered all of the basics of public speaking and kept it fun at the same time. My team continued to talk about what they learned with their clients for the rest of the week and we can't wait to have Stephanie back for another session."


Julia Schumacher, Miss Minnesota's Teen

"As a senior in high school, I was crowned Miss Minnesota's Outstanding Teen and ran for the title of Miss America's Outstanding Teen. To prepare for my interview and onstage question, I started working with Stephanie and when I tell you this woman changed my life, she truly changed my life. 

Not only did she help me achieve 3rd runner-up at Miss America's Outstanding Teen, more importantly, Stephanie helped me come out of my shell and help me show the world who Julia Schumacher is. From my local competition to state, to nationals, she helped me find my inner confidence and I am forever blessed to have her in my life."

white tee sadie.webp

Sadie, Podcast Host

"As a podcaster, I am often asked to guest on other shows. I started working with Stephanie to help craft my messaging in a way that felt authentic and supported my brand on life after divorce. She made the experience incredibly breezy and playful. Her enthusiasm and positivity during our sessions allowed me to feel confident and bold.  


Stephanie is also well connected in the public speaking industry and introduced me to various outlets to approach for additional publicity. I even had the opportunity to be interviewed on two different morning shows in my hometown, Minneapolis. Both experiences were so positive because by that time I knew my talking points so well and I have Stephanie to thank for that."

Kathryn Kueppers MAO.JPG

Kathryn Kueppers, Miss Minnesota 2019-20

"I had recently won the title of Miss Minnesota and was getting ready to compete at Miss America. Nervous and unsure of how I was going to write a competition-worthy social impact pitch, I attended other local pageants throughout the summer. At one pageant, I was stunned and inspired as each young woman gave a beautiful, articulate, and engaging speech onstage. That is how I found their coach, Stephanie Butler.


I began working with Stephanie and she transformed every aspect of my speaking abilities. From my overall content to my inflections, hand movements, and delivery, she left no stone unturned. But most importantly, she helped me craft my message and articulate in an authentic way. I could not have navigated Miss America successfully without her. I continue to use what she taught me to this day. Stephanie does not train you simply to speak, but she transforms you with the most empowering life skill you will ever need."


Natalie Berg, Miss Minnesota's Teen 2023

"When I decided I was going to compete for Miss Minnesota's Teen, I knew who to turn to for prep. Working with Elle helped me prepare for every phase of competition. 

I have never felt more confident walking into interview or walking onstage. She truly helped me find the best version of myself so that I could take home the crown!

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