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Voices come from all different industries - looking to achieve all different goals - and wanting to learn in different ways. Over time, we've created coaching plans to accommodate all different voices. Choose the one that's right for you. 

Job interviews, negotiations, presenting to leadership, networking, and more are all places that you should feel confident in communicating your value. Join a coaching meeting with like-minded women to sharpen your skills and be ready for the moments that matter. 


From choosing the topic to crafting the storyline to perfecting your delivery, this is Stephanie's original bread n' butter. Choose the sessions that are right for you!

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Specialized coaching for pageants that isn't centered around pageantry - but instead, centered around your goals. Start your coaching journey with Stephanie or Elle to work on skillsets that will bring you beyond your pageant journey.


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Not sure how to start? Let's chat. Book a free 15minute phone call.

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