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About Stephanie

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Her Story

From a young age, Stephanie has had a passion for sharing the stories that matter the most. 

Whether it be children's fairy tales she told in middle school, the graduation speech she shared with her high school classmates, or the executive keynotes she coaches in her day job, Stephanie has always known that the power of stories is larger than any one of us. 

Stephanie has experience working in both internal and external communications for corporations while also coaching over 100 clients - ranging from high school students to executives. Amongst all of the values she stands for, the most important is everyone deserves to be confident in their voice. 

Stephanie coaches every phase of interview & public speaking. She incorporate strategies & frameworks into her coaching that helps her students understand not only the audience they're presenting to, but their own voices as well. From content creation to delivery, she looks to understand the client's unique voice as opposed to conforming to an algorithm. 

On a personal note.... 

Stephanie values a balanced life - but rarely ever sees that through (oops). Her entire life she's been told to slow down, say no and take a break, but she values relationships and showing up for the people around her more. 

When Stephanie is not working, you can find her exploring the food & beverage scene of the Twin Cities - her dog Hatty in tow! She practices yoga on the regular and is always down for a weekend getaway to the cabin! 

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