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NFL athletes practice 90% of the time in their career and are expected to perform 10% of the time...

Whereas corporate professionals are expected to execute 90% of the time and maybe take 10% to practice.

This idea stuck with me when I read an article titled “The Making of a Corporate Athlete” during a leadership development course. If you actually follow the link, you’ll see the article is dated 2001 - but let’s be honest, corporate america rarely changes, so I still see it as relevant.

Now, you might think “well I practice my presentations to myself ahead of delivering them, Stephanie,” to which I say - sure! That’s great. But, think about how you used to practice your instrument in school, a sport, choir, or any other extracurricular activity. You probably had a coach, or a team behind you - providing feedback, guidance, best practices and praise.

Does that exist for your job today?

For executives, yes. Executives coaches, executive assistants, executive communicators are absolutely resources that are available. But what about resources for people who are junior-mid level?

When you start your first job, that is arguably the most crucial time to get coaching, because you know nothing! It’s a foreign world - and that’s okay! But the goal for so many is to climb that ladder to make more money, have a bigger impact, and make a long-term difference on what you’re passionate about. How do you know if you’re doing it right if you don’t take the time to practice?

And I’m not just talking about presentations. I’m talking about

  • 1:1s with your boss

  • Year-end reviews

  • Negotiations

  • Client Meetings

  • Running a meeting

  • And so much more…

Can I also say … some bosses are a great option for a coach, but… we all know that some aren’t equipped for that.

So let’s start pouring time and energy into ourselves - because not only will that help your company’s bottom line… it will help you make more money faster, get a higher title faster, and most importantly, make a difference - faster.

Here’s a quick way to get started. Sign up for my team meetings!! You’ll be grouped with 3 other women (and myself, hi) to discuss the next big hurdle you have in your career. From presenting to leadership, to selling your value, to introducing yourself at networking events… this community is here for you. Let’s get you what you deserve.

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