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I went away for a week and came back to my purpose...

Updated: 2 days ago

Why I’m a speech coach. 

I spent a lot of my time off last week with one of my former speech coaches and we ended up reminiscing on successes she helped me achieve … winning 1st place at a nationally recognized tournament (Glenbrooks in Chicago IL), being a national finalist in Storytelling in 2014, and telling the most hilarious - yet absolutely stupid - joke, that people in the speech community apparently still re-enact to this day. 

Back in those moments of achievement, I was on cloud nine - as you typically are when your hard work pays off. But as we reflected, I realized that that’s what those were - moments. Whereas today… almost ten years later… I can articulate the long term investment that my work on public speaking continues to deliver for me. 

  1. Executive Presence: I gave anywhere from 3-15 speeches in front of judges, coaches, and peers, almost every Saturday from January-April for four years. Standing in front of leadership is something I am familiar and comfortable with. 

  2. Leadership: When speaking, you are in charge of your audience and must make confident decisions based on their reaction to the words you’re saying.

  3. Humility: If you don’t think there were moments in those four years where I completely and utterly failed, you are mistaken. I absolutely failed and I did it in front of quite a few people… putting yourself out there isn’t easy, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.

  4. Pride: I represented myself, but I also represented my team whenever I spoke. Just like I represent myself, my company, my business and my clients whenever I speak today. 

Why am I sharing this? 

Well the last few years.. I’ve dipped my toes into new areas… professional development, personal development, pageantry… I’ve been called a life coach, a therapist, a pageant coach, a career coach… but all in all - my bread and butter is speech. I know it. I love it. I have the experience of doing it. And I have the vocabulary to coach it. 

But more importantly… similar to how it happened for me… learning public speaking will seep into the world you exist in. It seeps into skills like executive presence, leadership, humility and pride. It’s an immersive experience and so much more. You just have to take that step, apply yourself, and let the journey unfold in front of you. 

Who knows, ten years from now, we might look back and celebrate your successes together. 

I’m happy you’re here - and I’m happy that I’m able to be here for you. 

Speak soon, 


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