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I hate the term public speaking….

What? Yes, it’s true. I’m a “public speaking” coach who thinks the term “public speaking” is unapproachable, cold, corporate, and anxiety-inducing. If you don’t agree with me, then google four words… “public speaking scarier death” … and you’ll find 50 million people who do.

Okay - let’s get away from death now…

I’m here to let you know that your feelings about public speaking - nausea-inducing or not - are all valid. But letting those feelings get in the way of sharing your voice with the world, is not.

The ability to express your thoughts, feelings and opinions with the world are most often directly correlated with the moments that matter most - hence the added pressure. Presentations at work, job interviews, wedding vows, celebration toasts, etc. are all moments that you want to get right, right?!

** Cue the cinderella story’s infamous quote, “don’t let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game **

But so many people are walking away from those moments feeling defeated because they weren’t properly taught how to speak in the first place… I mean, really, let me guess. You were probably taught public speaking in middle school when the teacher had you pick a topic out of the hat, stand up for one minute, and talk about said topic in front of all of your peers - and you’ve been terrified ever since.

But speaking doesn’t have to be like that. In fact, sharing your thoughts to a community of people who are excited to hear from you… can be a beautiful place to live in the moment.

That’s why we - together - are going to redefine the public speaking journey to be something so much more than reading an article that says “practice your speech and you’ll be great.”

First, we must understand you: as a person with thoughts, opinions and a voice that matters. We must understand the message you are trying to send - and how you want to best send it, before even diving into writing the speech. It’s the most critical part of the journey - and the one that is forgotten most.

Then we must actually talk through frameworks and strategies that are proven to work. Because speaking is an art - I've even heard people refer to it as a choreographed dance.

So join me.

This Fall, my first online course - completely centered around redefining public speaking - will launch, and I can’t wait to see how far the journey takes us. Make sure you’re subscribed to my email list so you know when it drops. :)

Speak soon,


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