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Voices Who Will

Redefining your public speaking journey so you can show up in the moments that matter most. 


You spoke, I listened

My name is Stephanie Butler

  • You want a community - but not just any community. You want a community of supportive women where you can be authentically you. 

  • Public speaking is a big part of the process, but there is more to explore.

  • You don't want to just learn "about" professional development - you want to learn "how" to develop.

  • You need consistency... and accountability. 

  • You want to practice in front of a group that you're comfortable in!

  • You're busy! And you want someone to show up for you, even if you are taking a well-deserved break

  • You want to meet friends, too!!

I'm here for that! And I'm here for you. Let's get started on the journey together and create the world that WE want and deserve.


But it's more than public speaking... 

through this membership, you'll learn how to

Attract your ideal customer

Show your value to leadership

Ask for what you deserve

Speak on what you're passionate about

Share your business initiative with the world

Have more productive meetings

Before I tell you anything more, let's talk about who this is really for...

The Voices Who Will Membership is for high achievers like you. You have no shortage of ambition but you are tired of the day-to-day challenges that make you feel nervous to speak out, uninspired to the point of procrastination, and ill-equipped because of a lack of feedback and professional development opportunities at your workplace.


You're ready to feel confident in your voice and you're ready to level up your career. 


Whether you are....

A corporate employee who feels stuck in your current position and finds speaking in front of leadership terrifying

A small business owner who is ready to share your mission with the world but can't quite find the right message or needs to level up your delivery style

A young professional who is trying to figure out your path but needs to feel connected to a community of like-minded people and surrounded by opportunities

You're in the right place, friend. 

The Voices Who Will Membership will ensure you stay connected to like-minded people, educated on all aspects of public speaking, and accountable for carving time to work on you. 

See how (if you keep scrolling!)

The Monthly Cadence

Topic & Task


On the first of the month, a topic for the month and professional development task associated will be shared via email and discussed in the private facebook membership group. 

Weekly Accountability


Every week, we'll work together towards completing your task. Broken out into a step-by-step process, I'll guide you towards success with whatever task is chosen for that month. 

Three Webinars


There will be three webinar opportunities throughout the month for you to join - or watch the recording back. 

  • Educate | Knowledge Is Power 

    • Coaching with Stephanie​

  • Inspire | It’s Who You Know 

    • Special Guest​

  • Support | Celebrate Your Success

    • Group Discussion​

In-Person Event


Quarterly, we'll have an opportunity for all the members to get together locally in the Twin Cities area.

- Sign Up in December -

Get 15% Off

the life of your membership!

Code: MEMBER12

"Over the last several years, there have been sizable gains in [women] in senior leadership. However, with lagging progress in the middle of the pipeline.... true parity remains painfully out of reach. The future of work for women depends on getting this right."

McKinsey & Co., Women in the Workplace study, 2023


Sneak Peek!

Some of the monthly topics planned for 2024


Goals: Setting them, communicating them, and tracking against them
  • Goal-setting exercise 

  • Webinar feat. special guest

  • Goal-tracking template


Storytelling: Brainstorming, writing, and revising
  • Lesson on how to craft a story 

  • Webinar feat. special guest

  • Speech outline template


Interviews: Preparing, executing, and following up
  • Mock interview opportunity

  • Webinar feat. subject matter expert

  • Interview question worksheet


Presentation Delivery: Presence, gestures and confidence
  • In-person practice event

  • Webinar feat. special guest

  • Virtual & In-Person focus


In-Person Events!

Once per quarter, I'll be hosting an in-person event in the Twin Cities area!


Picture your ideal professional development event where you are also surrounded by your best friends.... that's the vibe. 

Exclusive to Voices Who Will members!

Ready to level up?

Voices Who Will Membership!



Every month

Your personal accountability group for your professional development.

Valid until canceled

Weekly Professional Development

Exclusive Monthly Webinars

Monthly Accountability Challenge

10% off Coaching Sessions

Exclusive Educational Resources

Quarterly Event

Access to a Community of Inspiring Women

- Sign Up in December -

Get 15% Off

the life of your membership!

Code: MEMBER12

Whoah, Stephanie... this is a lot! 

What's the time commitment?

Whatever you want it to be. 

I surveyed my audience and they told me that ideally, they would spend 1 hour per week on professional development, but right now, they're probably spending 1 hour per month. 

My goal is to encourage you to take that hour every week for yourself. Every Monday, you'll get an email from me with your weekly development opportunity. Regardless of if you show up for yourself - I'll always show up for you. 

And what's even better, is you can go at whatever pace makes sense for you. You'll have access to all the resources, webinars and emails.... forever! 

In other words, chart your own course!

Kelli, MN

"I know that my presentation went better than I could have imagined because of my work with Stephanie."

Eryn, FL

"Stephanie exceeded expectations, transitioning from a coach to a mentor, thanks to her dedication to my growth."

Julia, AL

"Stephanie helped me come out of my shell and show the world who I really am."

Before I sign up, I have a question!

Thanks for the note!

©Voices Who Will, 2023
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